BASE Jumping

I’ve been attracted by BASE jumping since 2002 when I started skydiving. But I did not committed at that time. In 2008 being on the top of El Cap, Yosemite combined with the fact that my boyfriend at that time was himself a BASE jumper, made me really wanting to get into BASE jumping. I skydived as much as I could and finally went to the Perrine’s  bridge in Idaho to do my first BASE jump with a big group of great friends (Ill Vision Team, Asylum friends, etc…)

I did a few more jumps in France from some spans and some paragliding jumps and went to Norway for my first cliff jumps. The scenery and people were fantastic there and it was a very powerful experience. Back from Norway we went straight to Switzerland and I got the chance to go jumping from the Mushroom on the Eiger. A mythical face for a climber which made that jump very special to me. I was hooked!

But, after loosing too many good friends and being aware that base jumping did not worth loosing my life, I decided to stop in April 2014

Fun times in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland, with Erwan Chevalerias

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