En route for the 2017 Project

We left Cham under the rain, but as soon as we got to Italy the sun was shining.
The next day we were on the Gran Paradiso summit (4061m), happy to be there, dealing with a bit of wind, cold fingers and nose. I was blown away by the view on the Mont Blanc, like I never saw it before.

This was the first step of a few months project to climb the 4000m peaks of the alps and get to see new places of an amazing and huge terrain.

I’m stoked and grateful to start this long journey together with Colin Haley. Apart from the fact he is such an impressive Alpinist, Colin is an amazing human and a very fun guy to share long days in the mountains with. Plus, he’s always keen on breaking trails ;)

We are on hold now due to the weather but this is ok. There is no record to beat, no firsts to do, no time pressure. “Only” 82 beautiful mountains to climb, together with precious friends and in good style.
It’s on, and I’m stoked for what is coming next!

You can follow my long journey thru the social media with the Hashtag #LivAlongTheWay. And on the web page LivAlongTheWay
Feel free to leave a comment, a message, etc… they all give me a great energy :)

Photos from Anthony Bonello
Summit Shot by Colin Haley
Video edit from myself ;)


Beautiful sunset lights over the Vittorio Emanuele hut at 2732m


Early mornings at their bests. Awesome lights, mountains and views ;)


Aerial shot from Anthony of Colin and I on the top part of Gran Paradiso


Yeah, the summit shot selfie. Whoop Whoop!

When the sastrugi is replaced by a nice and soft snow
A short edit from the Gran Paradiso summit back to the civilization

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