A week-end in Romsdalen, Norway

Yesterday was Norway’s national day and it remind me I wanted to share a few pic of a short trip in Norway, a couple of weeks ago. We escaped the pouring weather of Chamonix and headed to Romsdalen, an alpine valley that has everything from fjords, nice ski tours and the biggest northern wall, the Troll wall.

Sunset on the Troll Wall

The journey started with some driving up a bit North and West and a first stop at a small but fun local crag, called Bobleveggen. After a few pitches and tired forearms we headed to Isfjorden where we ended to a friendly concert at the Romsdal Lodge. A great way to start the week-end and meet some nice people!

Norwegian lights, good music and friendly people Romsdal_Lodge

We set up our goal for the following day after speaking with the locals and decided to head to the Vengetind Mountain. The snow was supposedly good, the terrain a bit steep and everyone said the Vengetind was a beautiful Mountain. At that time some thick clouds were hiding the mountain, so I did not know what to expect.

The next morning delivered a blue bird sky with no wind and eventually I got to see the steep summit of Vengetind. Quite nice indeed!

Nine people were already skining up on the flank of the mountain. Not ideal. And for a while we thought we might had to bail if we would not catch up with them before the steep part. We skinned up at a good pace looking at the impressive Troll Wall and the other mountains around. A first group of skiers skied another face of Vengetind and since we catched up with the other group we were less worried about a potential avalanche. In the end, we got to do the first tracks and first turns on an excellent, cold and fresh snow, enjoying a playful terrain on one of the most aesthetic mountains of Romsdalen. Not bad for a first ski day in Norway ;)

Thank you Norway and Gratulerer med dagen!

A few pic that tells more than words… (Photo credit : NILS NIELSEN & LIV SANSOZ)

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