Täschhorn, South Ridge


The Täschhorn (4491m) by the South Ridge is nothing hard nor technical. It’s a nice summit in an area I don’t know that well above Saas Fee. So when Nils mentioned it, I was psyched for a visit. It’s always interesting to visit new mountains visit new ranges of mountains, to climb new summits and to embrace new views of other mountains. Regardless if they are easy or hard, well known or forgotten mountains. Above all, the journeys, the adventures take all their value because of the people you are sharing them with. And a day or two in the Mountains with Nils is priceless ;)

I was just got back from 6 days climbing ridges in les Ecrins (see the project Sommets pour le Climat / Summits for the Climate) with a heavy bag pack and packing for a two days trip with no bivy gear (except a stove and some Lyo Food) was a big contrast. It already had the taste of a fun and light ascent :)

The Journey started in Saas Fee where we took the Metro Alpin up to 3500m. It was 10am, we were right in the heating wave and the snow was already all soft and watery with no good track. We never saw that and it was not a great sign. Anyway the goal of the day was to traverse a few kilometers of ridges to reach the perched Mischabeljochbiwak at 3847m. We hiked up the wet snow until we met the rock of the Feekopf ridge and scrambled to the top of it at 3888m. From there we had to go down (oh no!) traverse the flat glacier (Alphubeljoch) and reached up the Alphubel summit at 4206m. And then again flat and down on the North ridge of the Mischabeljoch where the Mischabeljochbiwak stands up. Almost four hours of effort to gain 347m of altitude. But a few kilometers of ridges, involving gaining and loosing altitude.

Below is a map to give an idea of the terrain. The red square is the Metro Alpin from where we left.

The small and cosy Mischabeljochbiwak, perched on its ridge. I have to say that was a four star bivy, quite clean, with everything you need in it. I loved it and I could have stay a week there ;)

Inside the bivy : Cosy, warm and welcoming. Not to forget the kitchen with the view ;)

A view that was capturing a lot of my attention…

On the Majestic Matterhorn ;) Not Bad!

We were alone at the bivy, which was perfect to relax, read and have a nap. The next day was going to be a long day. A day that we started early like most alpine starts, around 4:30am. The temperature was warm, there was a good track thanks to people from the days before. We did not have to put our crampons before the last big field of snow which make the ascent easier and faster. The wind and some colder temps caught us before the summit and we did not stay long on it before to go down again. The conditions all the way up to the ridge were dry which made everything easier and faster. In less than five hours we were down to the bivy again. We knew the way back to Saas Fee was going to be long and the snow was going to get warm and rotten so there was no time to loose. Up the ridge, down the Alphubel, up the Feekopf, down to Saas Fee.

This is just another story of climbing a Mountain. Nothing extrem, nothing bad ass, just two people powered by their legs and their passion. Just another summit and lots of happiness. As I often say, Mountains are awesome and I enjoy sharing moments up there ;)

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