The end of one adventure, the beginning of many other ones

I haven’t BASE jumped since last year in March and realised I did not miss it. BASE jumping brought me to some awesome places, made me meet wonderful friends, made me share incredible moments and took me out of my comfort zone. It was awesome to experience being on the edge and push off the rock to that point of no coming back. It was magical to have this one second leaving the rock while everything inside you is telling you “no, don’t do it!” as an instinctual reaction. It was wonderful to be in the air and feel a form of freedom with such amazing feelings.

But little by little I found less interest in doing it. Loosing friends over the years affected me more than I thought. Some people think climbing mountains is more dangerous than BASE jumping. This is wrong. I know more climbers than I know BASE jumpers. I have lost more friends BASE jumping than climbing. This is the reality.

Having less interest in BASE jumping and wanting to climb more made me ready to quit. I love climbing mountains and it is where I want to put my energy and time. BASE jumping was fun, powerful, and different. BASE Jumping was a wonderful adventure. But I won’t miss it. I’ll miss some of its people.

Thanks to those who “guided” me on the learning path. And thanks to everyone I met and shared a jump with. I have fond memories of those times. I’m psyched with my decision and ready for more climbing adventures :)