New Adventures ahead


Lots of things happened after climbing the 4000m peaks of the Alps despite the fact I did not write much here. Climbing the 82 peaks above 4000m of the Alps taught me so many things that I decided to go one step further with my knowledge in Mountains sports. I decided to try the Mountain Guide entrance exam which I passed. And I have to say I’m reallly stoked with doingI the mountain guide course now. I had also put more energy into paragliding, started my license to pilot UltraLight Aircraft. And there had been lots of changes in my personal life for the last two years who took me some energy and asked for lots of adjustments. The Covid19 made also this year (and probably the next one) a very special one with un certainties, new visions and lots on unexpected changes.

I will write more often here. For now I just post a small edit of hiking up Mont Blanc and flying off it back in march, before the we were all lock down. It was a nice and unplanned ascent with Zeb, my partner in life, and his two kids Tim (18) and Mat (16). We got also joined by David Goettler on the second day. There was no one else on the mountain that day and it was a real pleasure to see Zeb with his two kids sharing this summit and flying off it. A powerful moment that I will not forget… ,

“Four Girls and a Matterhorn” The video


A sweet little film about our adventure skiing the Matterhorn East face in May 2016 with Lorraine Huber, Giulia Monego, Melissa Presslaber and myself. This short edit shows perfectly the fabulous team spirit of us ripping ladies and the amazing time we had together on this iconic and beautiful mountain.
Enjoy watching!

Edit: Whiteroom productions
Music: David Mumford – Bonfire Music – Night without sleep


Le récit en français ici


Four Girls and a Matterhorn from Liv Sansoz on Vimeo.